Newsletter – Week of 8/26/19

I hope everyone had a nice week. In kindergarten, the students are already showing growth and learning new things! Here are some highlights from the second week of school:



The students have learned 3 sight words this week: no, so, and go. The sight words for next week will be: Is, On, and It. 

The letter names and sounds they learned this week were S, A, and T. Next week’s letter names and sounds will be I, P, and N.

I will also be posting the upcoming sight words and letters on the homework tab of my website and on SeeSaw. It would be great to review them a few minutes each day, keeping it short and fun.

For each set of six sight words, your child will bring home a Sight Word review sheet.  Please help them complete it and return it to school.



At Prairie Crossing we use the Bridges math curriculum. The students have been working on on classifying their shoes and other common items by different attributes and determining which attribute had more or less than the other. They have been practicing their counting skills and the five frame and ten frame were introduced as a way to group numbers. 


Math work stations have also been introduced and the students are learning how to navigate the stations and explore the materials. The work stations include unifix cubes, pattern blocks, polydrons, ten frames and pennies, and geoboards.

My website has a link to the Bridges resource guide if you are interested.



The students are being encouraged to express their ideas through pictures and by adding labels to their pictures. They are also practicing writing their first and last names with the correct upper and lower case letters.


Environmental Awareness:

Ms. Naomi took the students on an Un Nature scavenger walk yesterday, and the students were challenged to find all of the items that were man made. Then today we went to meet our Classroom Tree. The kids observed and explored around it, and then drew a picture of the tree in their sketchbooks. 


Positive Behavior(PBIS):

Ask your child to explain Stop, Walk, Talk to you. They have been rehearsing the steps for proactive responses and are like experts!  Mrs. Byrd and I are teaching the students that if someone does something you don’t like you can ask them to stop. If they continue, you can look or walk away. If they persist, or hurt you, go tell an adult.


Also, our Hawks Tickets were introduced to the students this week, and students can earn a ticket for being Respectful, Responsible, and/or Safe(PBIS behavior). Once they have earned ten tickets they can pick a reward. Rewards may include asking a friend in Mrs. Parker’s class to lunch, bringing a stuffed animal from home for lunch, or sitting in the teacher’s chair for lunch. Mrs. Byrd and I are so excited to see students showing positive kindergarten behavior!


The whole class can also earn a classroom link, which happens when every student is showing PBIS behavior. When the links reach the floor, we get to celebrate!


Kindergarten Family Directory:

The Directory is on the homepage of my website. It is a great way to connect with other families in the class. 


Upcoming Events:

No School, Labor Day – 9/2  Enjoy the long weekend!

Bus Evacuation Drill – 9/3

Hearing and Vision Screening – 9/9

Attendance Week – Week of 9/9 – 9/13: We do fun activities each day, more information next week!

Save the Date: Curriculum Night – 9/10:  From 6 – 7 pm Parents come in to see their child’s classroom, and the teachers will present and answer questions (parents only please). More information coming next week.


As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at