Newsletter – Week of 4/1/20

  Newsletter Week of 4/1/20


We are off to a good start on e-learning, despite a few small glitches. Thank you all for hanging in there, being patient, and just trying your best in this difficult situation. You are all superstars for your children!!


Zoom Rooms: They will be every day, Monday through Friday, from 9:30 – 10:00. Here is the link:


Optional Office Hours: Every day, Monday through Friday, from 12:30 – 1:00.  Here is the link:


The office hours are a time for you to stop by and ask any questions, and share concerns and/or celebrations.


Remember that to show attendance, please either have your child join the morning zoom room, post a picture or video to Seesaw journal, or send me an email. You are welcome to do any or all of these forms of communication, as I am always happy to see what the kids are doing. I also want to be a resource for you and them. If you need assistance with an area your child is struggling in, or needs a greater challenge, please feel free to contact me. We can problem solve together so that you are not in this alone.


Interesting things to note:


Ms. Coyle, our school nurse, is sharing a video for all. I hope you enjoy it:


Heather Jackson, a  7th and 8th grade science teacher here at Prairie Crossing  has shared a letter with the teachers to pass along:

“Hello students & families! 

As many of you already know, health care workers are working very hard to meet the demands of this crisis while trying to take care of themselves and their own families. Its not an easy task, but many are choosing to remain on the frontlines and serve in our clinics. Mrs. Carrera, parent of one of our amazing 8th grade students, is an employee at the Lake County Health Department. If you’re wishing and wondering how you could help, YOU CAN! Her staff would LOVE to read notes of appreciation and encouragement from students in our community! Just knowing that they are not forgotten and appreciated by those living in our community will lift their spirits. This is an opportunity for each of us to come together and support one another! AND, this is one that we can all do while maintaining the current shelter-in-place order. 


Notes/Cards should be:

  • 1 side only- this way the entire note can be read when it is put on the wall or bulletin board 
  • Signed with first name, grade and/or age 

You can mail your notes/letters directly to Mrs. Carrera’s office address and she will personally deliver it to our clinics.

Lake County Health Department

3010 Grand Ave, 3rd Floor

Waukegan, IL 60085

Attn: Cindy Carrera


THANK you very much in advance for participating! Your intentional kindness will be very much appreciated!”

Heather Jackson


And finally, last but not least, Next week the school is offering another Virtual Spirit Week!

**Take a picture and send it to Christine Hodapp ( to be shared on our PCCS Facebook page! **


Monday 4/6: Dress Like Your Teacher Day

Tuesday 4/7: Exercise Day (Show us your favorite exercise or way to get movement)

Wednesday 4/8: Dress Up As Your Favorite Book Character Day 

Thursday 4/9: Crazy Hair Day 

Friday 4/10:  Pet Day (Show us your pet or favorite stuffed animal)