Newsletter – Week of 3/2/20

I hope you had a nice week. This week I had a wonderful opportunity to partner with Ms. Johnson, another teacher here at PCCS, to give a presentation at the IL ASCD early childhood conference. Our presentation taught other teachers different ways to incorporate the outdoors into their math curriculums. We were proud to represent Prairie Crossing and our focus on the environment!


In the classroom the students continued to prepare for their Student Led conferences. They created their folder of work samples and are starting to practice their presentations. 


Conferences will take place next Thursday, March 12. Remember to attend at the time you signed up for on the Sign Up Genius website.  The Sign Up Genius calendar reminder is incorrect and is listed in EST, an hour earlier. I apologize for any confusion about that. 


If you are interested in having a conference with me without your child on Friday, March 15, please email me and also include specific questions and/or concerns you would like to address. This conference would be in addition to your Student Led conference.


 Click  Here if you would like to read the Student led conference guide for parents.


In addition, you will be receiving a report card today via email for the second trimester. 


Here are some other highlights from the week:


The sight words introduced this week were Mom, Not, Now. Next week’s sight words will be Of, Or, and Out.


The students finished up their Narrative stories and we will begin a new writing unit called Opinion writing. They are increasing their ability to sound out three phoneme words and write them down. The students are beginning to use the digraphs, ‘ch’, ‘sh’, and ‘th’ , as well as long vowels, when reading and writing. They are practicing using the correct short vowels when sounding out words to write. When you think about it, the five vowel sounds, a,e,i,o,u,  are very similar and it takes a while to perfect their sounds. 


In Math, the study of shapes continues and all of the 6 work stations are about shapes. We will continue to focus on shapes next week as well. Number Corner this month emphasizes adding and subtracting within five and ten and understanding word problems. We are also charting Lion and Lamb days to practice skills of quantity discrimination, addition, and graphing.


Change over time is the theme for the beginning of the third trimester, as we discuss changes in ourselves and our environment. Our charts of the weather and conference preparation help the kids become more aware of changes in their lives.


Our science and EE lessons have begun to focus on planting and the beginning of spring. The students are also continuing to study weather. They are taking weather data and preparing to graph the changes from winter to spring. Yesterday Ms. Naomi explained the needs of plants and how to plant a seed. Your child brought home a succulent plant to care for. Feel free to send me a picture of your plant if it begins to grow!