Newsletter – Week of 3/16/20

Newsletter – Week of 3/16/20


I hope this newsletter finds you all well and hanging in there!  I want to thank all of you for your patience and kindness as we all embark into new territory working and learning from home. I appreciate all of your efforts to provide enriching activities for your children as you meet the demands of jobs and households. I’m sure it is not an easy task! 


Now that our 5 emergency days have been used up, next week will be our scheduled spring break. After spring break, if we don’t go back to school, we will begin remote, or elearning. As that date comes closer I will be sending you more information about what elearning will look like in kindergarten. I am planning learning activities that will be engaging and enjoyable in all areas of our school curriculum and Seesaw will be our main platform.


Here is a guide to best practices when learning from home. The home learning environment looks different than the learning environment at school, and because of that, it will feel different to your child, and the activities will be different. We all try our best as teachers and parents to help children learn and that’s what matters the most!


In terms of class communication, Mrs. Byrd and I miss all of you! And I’m sure the kids all miss each other too. I hope you will visit Seesaw and put up a post or two so we can all interact. It is also good to practice using Seesaw to prepare for elearning. Remember, you received codes to become a Student, allowing you and your child to post only to me and Mrs. Byrd.. You, your child, and Mrs. Byrd and I are the only ones who see those posts.


To allow communication between all of us, I created a blog on Seesaw. If you want the entire class to see your post, click on the globe icon at the bottom of your feed view. I will then approve it for all to see! You can also view the blog without posting as well. Just click on the Blog icon on the home page. Today I asked students to post a picture or video of their favorite stuffy and say why it is their favorite. It will be so fun for the kids to see each other’s posts!


 Also, Please note that the blog is only viewable to our class. No one else can view the blog.  


Have a nice spring break, stay healthy, and keep in touch 🙂