Newsletter – Week of 2/3/20

Newsletter – Week of 2/3/20


I hope you had a nice week! The students have been busy learning and exploring the world around them. Read about the highlights below:




sight words this week: Come, Eat, Girl, Has, His, Jump, Look

The sight word assessment will be next week. 


The digraphs Ch, Sh, and Th were practiced this week. Notice that there are two sounds to the ‘th’ digraph – voiced, as in words such as ‘this’ and ‘the’, and unvoiced, in words such as ‘three’ and ‘thing’.

The children are increasing confidence as readers and writers and are showing pride in their new abilities. Please continue to read with your child daily to practice and encourage these new skills.


Environmental Education and Science/social studies


Ms. Naomi taught the students all about different types of clouds. She showed us an app created by NASA called Globe Observer. Globe Observer allows people to input observations of the clouds. NASA then uses this information to help make decisions about the best times to launch rockets and satellites. We will continue to use this app during our weather unit.


This week our unit on Weather started and the kids are learning the names of the seasons, their characteristics, and how and why the seasons change. They are also tracking temperature changes each day through journal entries. It will be interesting to see the temperature trends as we move into spring!




In Math another new work station was introduced called Beat You to Twenty. The students practice counting, counting on from a number other than 1, and adding. The February Number Corner introduces the students to coins – the penny, nickel, and dime. Coins are a valuable tool for teaching students about counting, adding, counting on, and skip counting. 



Students are discouraged from bringing items from home to school, such as toys, cards, trinkets, etc. These items are likely to get lost or misplaced, and are also a distraction. I tell the kids to keep any items from home in their backpack. I would appreciate your help by making sure your child only brings in an item if they are a Hawk Ticket winner. Hawk Ticket winners are allowed to bring in a stuffed animal to have out at lunch time.


Upcoming Events:


February 14th: Valentines Day! Next week will be our Valentines celebration! The students will be making a Valentine bag at school. On Friday, please send your child with a Valentine for each child in the class, with only the ‘From’ section filled out. There are 24 students in the class..

Some Valentines cards have a small item or treat attached, which is fine for your child to bring in.

There will also be a classroom party on Valentines Day. Please contact Mrs. Ricchio if you are interested in volunteering.


February 17th and 18th: No School, Presidents Day and Inservice Day


Looking for a family event on Valentines Day and you enjoyed our Owl Prowl? Click here to view this event offered by Lake Forest Open Lands.