Newsletter – Week of 2/24/20

I hope you enjoyed your week. Check out how the week in kindergarten went:


The students were assessed on the trimester 2 sight words this week and will be bringing home a sheet showing words they need to practice. Thank you for working with your child for their success in reading their sight words!


In Math, the students continue their study of shapes. They worked on naming and sorting shapes. They considered attributes and dimensions such as size, shape, number of corners, and type of sides.They also learned a new math station called Geoboard Shapes, which teaches children how to reconstruct a picture of a shape onto a geoboard.


In Environmental Education this week, two third graders presented to the students with Ms. Naomi. They presented the Green Challenge of No Idling and explained how engine idling puts increased pollutants into the air, causing problems to our bodies and the environment. The students then created a car hanger to remind parents to turn off their engines while waiting in a line so their car doesn’t idle.


A reminder about Think It Through sheets:

 Please keep in mind that the purpose of the Think It Through sheet is to help remind your child of classroom or recess expectations. It is also an opportunity for them to reflect on their behavior in order to make a better choice in the future. The sheet is not intended as a punishment or reprimand but as a proactive tool for success. If your child brings home a Think It Through sheet, I appreciate you taking a few minutes to talk over the event with your child and discussing a positive future choice. You are welcome to add comments if you like. Then please sign the form and send it back to school with your child.  Thank you for partnering for the success of our students!


The students have begun to prepare for their Student led conference and are excited and proud to share their work. Here is a link to the Parent’s Guide To Student Led Conferences. I hope you find it helpful as you prepare to celebrate your child’s growth with them!


Important reminders and future dates:


Friday, February 28 –  A Student Led conference email will go out this afternoon. Please select a conference time slot by clicking on the link in the email.


Friday, March 6 – Report Cards sent home 


Thursday, March 12 – Student Led conferences from 2 – 7 pm


Friday, March 13 – Parent teacher conferences from 2 – 4 pm.

 If you have a concern that you would like to discuss without your child present, please contact me via email. In that email, please also detail specific questions or concerns that you would like to address in that meeting. There is time set aside on Friday, March 15, from 2-4 pm for these Parent/Teacher conferences. You must attend Student Led Conferences in order to attend a Parent/Teacher conference.  


Have a great weekend!