Newsletter – Week of 12/9/19

I hope you had a nice week and enjoyed the Owl Prowl on Thursday evening! Although we didn’t encounter an owl, it was so much fun to try. Thank you very much for supporting your child’s learning and growing appreciation of the environment. Below are some more details from our week.



Sight words practiced this week:  Did, Get, Had, Him, If, Man


Please review the sight words with your child. The assessment will be next Thursday.

The students have been practicing reading word families such as words ending in -at, -an, etc., and are learning about counting syllables. They continue to practice blending and segmenting words, rhyming, and onset-rimes through Daily 5 activities and Heggerty.



In Math the kids were introduced to two new work stations. The first is called Butterfly Race. This activity helps students practice counting by twos and recognize doubles facts such as 2+2 and 3+3. The second new work station is called Spill Ten Beans. Students practice writing numbers 1 through 10 and adding within ten.The students are also becoming more comfortable with counting backwards and writing equations within ten. 


Additional Notes:


Waste Free Wednesday

 Next Wednesday, December 18th, will be another Waste Free Wednesday. Many of you are already experts at packing trash free lunches for your children, as evidenced by our class winning November’s plastic bag challenge! Thank you for being environmentally friendly! Please see Ms. Naomi’s message below about our December challenge:



Waste-Free Wednesday returns next week with an added challenge — no single-serving sized packages (like individual chip bags, individual oreo packets, or other foods in waste-intensive individual serving containers which could come in large packages that use much less waste.  We will still also be counting plastic bags. 

HERE is an informational piece about individual serving-size packaging (with the plastic baggie info from before at the bottom as well).  


Winter Sing and Party:

 Friday, December 20th will be the PCCS Winter Sing! All students K through 8 will be performing and families are invited to attend. the Sing will begin at 8:30 in the morning and will last about an hour. Students are also encouraged, but not required to wear festive clothing and/or accessories. Then our classroom party will be from 11:45 – 12:45. Please contact Mrs. Ricchio if you have any questions about helping out with the party.


Environmental education:

Ms. Naomi took the students on a letter hunt in nature yesterday. They really enjoyed looking around for sticks, rocks, and other items that looked like letters. 


A quick note about the Holiday Bazaar shopping: Although the teachers and parent helpers try their best to help the children shop and pick appropriate items, sometimes the kids pick items, such as toys and games, that are more geared towards their own interests. They may also forget to shop for a person or two. My apologies in advance if this happens to you. It’s tricky to see what each child is buying and for whom. However, hopefully your child enjoyed being in the spirit of gifting and giving. They all surely seemed happy and definitely were tired out afterwards!


Have a great weekend!