Newsletter – Week of 12/2/19

I hope you had a nice week! Read about your child’s week in kindergarten:


Academic highlights:


Sight words assessed this week: All, Ball, By, Are, As, Be

Sight words for next week: Did, Get, Has


In Math, we are beginning our lessons on doubles facts and counting by twos. These lessons are reinforced with the new work station, Grab Bag Doubles. This month the kids are also practicing subtraction through our Countdown to winter break activity. They will also be learning more about the following opposite terms: to the left/right, above/ below, under /above, and inside /outside. We continue to practice counting skills, patterning, quantity, adding within ten, and writing numbers.


Link Celebration

The students enjoyed wearing their pajamas and having their stuffed animals at school today. They watched a Super Y video and ate popcorn too! The celebration was a reward to the students for having respectful, responsible, and safe behavior as a classroom community.


Ryerson Woods

A presenter from the Ryerson Woods came on Tuesday and taught the students about owls. The kids loved learning owl facts through hands on activities including taking apart owl pellets. The pellets contained bones, as owls don’t chew their food. Instead, they cough up a pellet that contains bones, feathers, claws, etc. The students dissected the pellets and used a chart to determine which animal the owl had eaten(the pellets and all contents were boiled and disinfected). The students even got to meet a real Screech owl and compare it to the size of the much larger Great Horned owl.


EE with Ms. Naomi 

Yesterday Ms. Naomi read a story about being nature detectives. The book contained examples of many paw and claw prints. The students then got to practice making tracks with life sized stamps of the different animals from the book.


Upcoming Events:


Holiday Bazaar:  Friday, December 13th – You will receive an envelope from the PSO via your child’s backpack. I will send you an email on the day it goes home with your child. You will be asked to write any names of family members your child wants to shop for, and include one dollar per name. Your child will then get to shop at the Bazaar during school hours. They will bring home the gifts wrapped and ready to deliver! This event is a great way to donate to the PSO, and the students learn about economics. They also love to shop for their loved ones!


Winter Sing: Friday, December 20th  8:30 a.m. All of the students K through 8 will be performing. It is free and open to all and lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. Bring the family! 


Winter Party: Friday, December 20th  11:45 – 12:45 Please email Mrs. Ricchio if you would like to volunteer


Winter Break: December 20th through January 5th