Newsletter – Week of 11/18/19

It has been another busy week in kindergarten! Check out the details below:


A big thank you goes out to everyone who contributed to our kindergarten food drive! The drive has been a big success thanks to your generosity. Mrs. Parker and I are extending the drive to next Tuesday, 11/26, when we will count up all of the items and bring them to the food pantry.


 Thank you also for your contributions to the Change for Change project. Our classroom didn’t win for the most change, but the kids enjoyed adding their change to the collection!



Sight words learned this week: All, Ball, and By

The students have been working on rhyming words, reviewing tricky letters such as B,D, G, H,U,W,and Y, and stretching out their words to read and write.



The students are practicing adding numbers within ten and are learning about subtraction. They are continuing to learn about patterns. Today each student created a letter out of beans. The tricky part was that the beans had to be in a pattern. We will be posting the letters on the hallway wall for conferences. Come and see what sentence we made!


Environmental Education:

Yesterday the students went on a Thankful Walk led by Ms. Naomi. They explored and observed nature and came back inside to draw and write about what part of nature they are thankful for.


A couple other enriching activities this week:


On Monday, a representative from the Ryerson Woods came to our classroom. She did a wonderful presentation all about bats and other mammals too. The kids loved the activities, games, and hands on exploration.


On Monday, the sixth grade students on the Green Team led a walk to show the students about all of the water conservation features at PCCS and how they can conserve water at home.


Tuesday was Farm to Table. You are always invited to come and eat lunch in the barn from 10:00 – 10:30 on F2T days.Please remember that on Farm to Table days there are no heat ups.


Our book buddies came over on Wednesday! The fifth graders helped the kindergarten students cut out pictures from magazines and decide if the picture represented a want or a need.


Yesterday, Kellan’s mom came in and led a Zumba class. The kids loved learning about this fun way to dance and exercise. Thank you Mrs. Johnson! Remember, you are always welcome to come in and share your job, skill, or talent with our class. Just email me so we can set up a time.


Today was the Natural Leader Assembly. The students learned that when it rains here in Illinois, it flows down to the Gulf of Mexico. They also learned the importance of not contaminating our ground water with chemicals, pet waste, etc.


Future Events to note:


Conferences will be on Monday and Tuesday, 11/25 and 11/26. These will be Early Release Days, so carpool will be busy.

Please arrive on time for your conference. Each conference is only 15 minutes long and they are back to back. Unfortunately, if you’re late, we will still need to finish at your conference ending time. Also, when it is time for your conference, please knock loud and clear on the door so that I know you’re here.


The Scholastic Book Fair will be held during conferences. You can visit the Scholastic homepage  HERE  to learn about the E-Wallet.


Mrs. Parker and I are excited to announce that we will be hosting an Owl Prowl event on Thursday, December 12th for kindergarten families. Please see the flyer  HERE for more information. The RSVP date is December 6th. We hope to see you there!