Newsletter – Week of 11/11/19

I hope everyone had a nice week. Here are some notes from the classroom:


Wants and Needs:

 The students have begun to learn about wants and needs. They are understanding the difference between a want and a need, and that some people don’t have everything they need. We brainstormed about ways our class can help others in need, and came up with the idea to donate items to our local food pantry. We also discussed how animals have the same needs as humans(after all, we are animals too), but that they have much fewer wants than humans. 



A new work station, Pattern Block Puzzles, was introduced. Students practice filling in the same three puzzle outlines using different shapes: the hexagon, trapezoid, rhombus, triangle, and square. In Math Number Corner, the focus is on two dimensional and three dimensional shapes, and comparing their similarities and differences.



The students are preparing to publish their Informative writing pieces.  Next week they will begin a new writing unit to practice Narrative writing. It is so exciting to see the progress the kids are making in sounding out letter sounds to write words! Please continue to encourage their writing skills at home during activities such as writing out your shopping list or writing a letter or story.  Remember, in kindergarten it isn’t as important that the word is spelled correctly, but that children are practicing writing down the sounds they hear in words, and gaining confidence as brave spellers.


Ryerson Woods Visits:

On Monday, a presenter from Ryerson Woods will be coming to our classroom to teach the students all about Bats. The presenter will return in early December to give a lesson on Owls. These presentations will be fun and exciting learning opportunities for the kids!



Conferences are coming up on Monday and Tuesday, November 25th and 26th. A Sign Up Genius invite was emailed to you today. Conferences are fifteen minutes long per family, and are for parents only. However, there will be a chair and some books outside the classroom if you choose to bring along your child.


More Events you may be interested in:


Change For Change November 15th through November 22nd

The Mawlid Potluck & Literacy Night was last night, but we’re still embracing the lessons learned. To maintain the charitable spirit we’re collecting Change For Change! During Change For Change, each class will collect as many coins as they can. We’ll be looking for the top collector in the Comstock building and the Carson building for a special prize! The proceeds will be donated to The United Way of Lake County.


Change For Change runs from November 15th to November 22nd. Start saving your coins this weekend!


Click Here for more information.


Scholastic Book Fair:


The Scholastic Book Fair is coming PCCS! Please visit our homepage 


HERE to learn about the E-Wallet. We also have our volunteer sign up


 page available to those who are able to help. We’ll see you there!  


Food Pantry collection:

The students have decided they would like to gather cans of food to bring to a food pantry in order to help those in need. We discussed that if everyone brings in one item, we will have 25 items to donate. If everyone brought in two items, we will have 50 items to donate, and so on. The students were very excited to know that they could be a direct help to people in need! Today at school they filled out a pledge sheet that says what they would like to donate.  Next week, we will be collecting cans and other non-perishable goods for the food pantry, and I invite you and your child to find something that you would like to donate. Participation is optional, so please don’t feel obligated to contribute.


Below is a list of non-perishable foods that are often needed at food pantries:

  1. canned beans
  2. dry beans
  3. peanut butter, or other nut butters
  4. rolled oats
  5. canned fruit in juice, not in light or heavy syrup
  6. canned vegetables, with no or low-sodium
  7. low-sodium soups
  8. canned tuna in water
  9. canned chicken
  10. brown rice
  11. quinoa
  12. nuts, unsalted
  13. seeds, unsalted
  14. shelf stable milk and milk substitutes
  15. whole grain pasta
  16. low-sodium pasta sauce
  17. popcorn kernels (not microwave popcorn)
  18. canned stews
  19. unsweetened apple sauce
  20. whole grain, low-sugar cold cereals
  21. olive or canola oil
  22. canned tomatoes
  23. dried fruits, no sugar added
  24. honey
  25. chicken, beef and vegetable broths and stocks


We will be collecting items for the food pantry all next week. 

Thank you for your support with this!