Newsletter – Week of 10/7/19

This week was a very busy and fun one in Room 11!


Sight words were assessed today on the words: You, Am, The, And, We, and My. 

Next week’s sight words will be: He, Like, and To

Next week’s letter sounds will be: J, Z, and W


Leaf Man: The students had a great time studying leaves and the changes in fall. They spent time hearing the story, Leaf  Man, written by Lois Ehlert, collecting fall items, sorting the items, and then making their own leaf man(or lady). The leaf people are displayed on our hallway wall for all to see. What a fun combination of literacy, math, and outdoor education!


Our link celebration was so fun! The students loved wearing their pajamas and having their stuffed animals participate in all of the events of the day.


Mrs. Sloma came in on Wednesday and taught the students all about her role in the community as a radiology technician. She brought in real bones for the kids to examine, showed how x-rays look, and explained what it’s like to get an x-ray. The kids loved it! Feel free to email me if you have a role in the community that you would like to share with our class.


The students have been busy harvesting our kindergarten garden beds. Yesterday they harvested beans and colorful popcorn. We will be doing some fun learning activities with our harvest soon.


Yesterday was our first Book Buddy visit! The students enjoyed meeting Mr. Hurwitz’s fifth grade class. The fifth grade students filled out an interview sheet with their kindergarten student, and then they spent some time reading together. Check out the pictures on Seesaw of these fun activities.


Upcoming Events:


The third and fourth grade students will be having an apple cider sale! Here 

is the link to view the notice.


Please review the Kroll Farm field trip information:

Date:  Monday, October 29th.

Cost: $11.00  Please send a check to school via your child’s folder or pay online by Tuesday, October 22nd. The check should be made out to PCCS


Students will need the following for the trip:  

  1. Trash free lunch – no heat-ups and no peanut/tree nut products.
  2. Backpack
  3. Walking shoes
  4. Water bottle

Note: This field trip will be entirely outdoors. Please be aware of the weather and dress your child appropriately.