Newsletter – week of 10/21/19

I hope you all enjoyed your week. We have been busy in Room 11 and here are the highlights:


Sight words practiced this week:  At, See, A, I

Sight words practiced next week: trimester sight word review

Letter names/sounds practiced this week: V, Y, X, Q

Letter names/sounds practiced next week: trimester letter review


Kroll Farm and Halloween:

Our field trip to Kroll Farm will be on Tuesday and the kids are getting excited to see the farm! Please send your child dressed for the weather, as we will be outdoors for the entire trip. Also remember the following: 

  1. Trash free lunch – no heat-ups and no peanut/tree nut products.
  2. Backpack
  3. Walking shoes
  4. Water bottle


On Halloween, our Kindergarten parade will take place at 8:00 a.m. in Market Square. If your child will be wearing a costume, please send them to school in their costume. The kindergarten Halloween party will be from 11:45 – 12:45. Thank you to Mrs. Ricchio, our classroom coordinator, and the parents who have been helping to prepare for the party!


Academics Update:

In writing, the kids are continuing to work on their informative writing pieces. They are practicing stretching out their words to put them on the page, being brave spellers, and adding details in pictures and writing.

In math, the students learned about making groups of five by making four tallies with popsicle sticks and then making a ‘gate’ across the tallies to make a group of five. They also practiced making five and some more(up to ten) using tallies. By working with tallies, students are developing skills of subitizing, counting on, and addition within ten. Today we cut open a pumpkin, took out the seeds and are counting all of them over time. The fun highlight will be next week when we turn the pumpkin into a Jack-O-Lantern!

During literacy activities, the students have learned all of their letter names and sounds. Please continue to review them with your child, as I will be assessing each child in preparation for the end of the trimester in  early November. Along with the sight words, the students continue to practice rhyming words, syllables, and blending sounds. They are developing confidence and skills that will help them become readers!


Outdoor Education:

 The students have been learning about migration, when animals move to warmer climates for the winter months. Yesterday, they pretended to be butterflies and acted out moving south to Mexico, after reading the book Gotta Go!, with Ms. Naomi. We also visited our classroom tree today, observing and writing about changes from summer to fall.


Upcoming Events:

The Multicultural committee will be hosting a potluck dinner on November 14th. Here is a link to the flyer.


Farm to Table: Wednesday, 10/30

Kindergarten soup day: Monday, 11/4