Newsletter – Week of 10/14/19

Even though it was a short week, it was a busy week! Here are some of the highlights:


Sight words learned this week: He, Like, and To

Sight words for next week: At, See, A, and I

Letter names/sounds reviewed this week: J, Z, and W

Letter names/sounds for next week: V, Y, and X


The students really enjoyed the apple cider and having the third and fourth grade students come to our classroom to sell it. On behalf of the third/fourth team, thank you for your donations through your purchase of the cider!


Outdoor Education activities

Last week the students harvested beans in our kindergarten garden, and yesterday they got to do some fun activities with them. We got together with Mrs. Parker’s class and the students worked in pairs to peel the bean pods open, count and sort the beans, and then make patterns with them. There were three different bean types and the kids enjoyed doing math with nature. In early November, we will use those beans to make soup to eat and share with others at Prairie Crossing. We also harvested corn last week. The corn is drying from the classroom ceiling(so critters can’t reach it!) and we will pop the corn in later weeks. This series of activities are great Farm to Table learning opportunities for the students!


As the weather gets colder, we will continue to go outside and explore!  Please make sure your child has warm enough clothing for time spent outdoors every day  and that outer gear is labeled. Also, if your child wears shoes with laces, please make sure that they know how to tie their shoes. Students should be independent with putting their shoes on and off, a task that they do several times a day at school. 



In math, the students were introduced to the number rack. The number rack is a way for 

students to practice adding within five and ten. The students have also been practicing greater than and less than skills, counting and comparing numbers, and patterning skills.


A few reminders:

Thank you very much for buying Scholastic books! Our classroom receives bonus points to spend on books when you complete a Scholastic order. We have already received quite a few free books for our classroom library! With the holidays coming up soon, please let me know if you want any books you order to stay a surprise. I will not put those books in your child’s mailbox and we’ll find a way to get them to you.


Pizza lunch day: Friday, October 25. Please contact Mrs. Ricchio if you have any questions.

Kroll Farm field trip: Tuesday, October 29th. Payment is due on Tuesday, October 22

Farm to table: Wednesday, October 30th

Halloween: October 31   Kindergarten parade at 8:00, party at 11:45.   Thanks to those of you who have signed up to help out with or donate items for the Halloween party! 


 If your child will be dressing up for Halloween, please send them to school in their costume.


Please review the PCCS guidelines below about costumes:


No excessive violence depicted by the costume

No face masks or hoods which render students unrecognizable

No “Creepy Clown” masks or “Creepy Clown” face paint

No Weapons of any kind, real or toy.