Newsletter – Week of 1/6/20

Welcome back kindergarten parents! It is great to see the students back at school and ready for the second half of the school year. Here are some highlights from our week:


The sight words introduced this week were Boy, Day, and For.  

Next week’s sight words will be Got, Her, and How.

 Please practice them for a few minutes each night.


The students learned two new math stations this week. The first is called Grab Bag More or Less. This game practices quantity descrimination, making tallies, and one to one correspondence.

The second new work station is called Bicycle Race. It teaches and reinforces doubles facts, such as 2+2 = 4, 5+5 = 10, etc.

 The students are also practicing making equations for number stories, counting to 100, learning about subtraction, and making number trees. Number trees are a visual representation for adding within the same number, for example, 3 +1 = 4, 2 +2 = 4, 4 +0 = 4, etc


Environmental Education

Ms. Naomi took us on a nature walk yesterday and read the students about squirrels. She taught the students many facts about squirrels as we looked for evidence of them around the neighborhood. Some things the students saw were nests, peanut shells, and a bone that the squirrels had chewed on to keep their teeth short and sharp.


Playground safety

Mrs. Byrd and I talk with the students on a regular basis about being safe and respectful on the playground. Safe and respectful behavior includes being kind to others with our actions and words. Examples of such behavior include following the playground rules, keeping our bodies to ourselves by not hitting, tackling, pushing, etc., being inclusive to all, and using considerate words. We also explain to the students that if someone is not being safe or kind, that it’s important to tell a teacher.

 Young children learn by experience and it takes a while for them to learn the many and varied nuances of social behavior. Please help your child learn these valuable skills by discussing positive behaviors at home. You can reinforce being safe with their bodies, kind with their words, and telling them that it’s important to tell an adult if they are hurt by actions or words. Thank you for partnering with us for your child!


Upcoming Field Trips

Several fun and enriching field trips have been planned for the kindergarten students!

The first was our Ryerson Woods in-school visits about Bats and Owls  before winter break.

The second will be a visit from author Suzanne Slade on January 30th. Ms. Slade is a children’s author of more than 100 books, many about science topics. She will be coming to Prairie Crossing to talk to the students about her writing. 

Finally, the students will be taking a nature exploration trip to the Heller Nature Center on April 23.


To simplify payment for these events, we are bundling the charges for the three visits into one charge of $20 per student.

Please send a check to school via your child’s folder or pay online  by Friday, January 17th. If you pay via check, the check should be made out to PCCS. Directions for paying online are below.


directions for paying online:


A field trip fee totaling $20 has been billed to your student’s account via Powerschool / Edutrak. To make payment by credit card please log into Powerschool and chose “Pay Fees” from the navigation bar on the left. Once you are redirected to Edutrak kindly chose the GREEN SCHOOL HOUSE ICON to see fees that have been billed to your student’s account. By selecting the check box along the right side of the screen you can place the open item in your shopping cart. Complete all of the steps to make payment by credit card (a service fee will be billed). If you are making your payment by check or cash you do not need to log into Powerschool…just put your payment in your child’s take home folder with their name on the envelope. Payment is due by 10/22/2019. If you need additional time please email Kim Disalvo at for payment arrangements.


Interested in ordering an autographed book written by Suzanne Slade?


On Thursday, January 30th,  Suzanne Slade, an Author of many children’s books, will be presenting to the kindergarten students. She is offering autographed copies of several of her books. If you are interested in your child having a book or books, please print out the book order form

and send it to school with your child by January 21st. If you don’t have a printer, you can email me with the book(s) you want and I will fill out the form for you.


Please note the information from Mr. Zamiar:


School Restrooms:   Many have you have been inquiring about the new changes in our single use bathrooms here on campus. As per State Law (“The Equitable Restrooms Act” effective  January 1, 2020), all single occupancy restrooms at all public schools are to be designated as Gender-Neutral. Rest assured, that each of our single use restrooms will continue to be monitored by staff and each of the doors have the appropriate hardware to ensure complete privacy. The locker areas/restrooms in the Gaylord Nelson Gym will remain labeled as Gender-Specific as they are equipped with multiple facilities. If you have further questions regarding this new public act, please feel free to contact Mr. Zamiar.  


Safety Issue:  As the weather gets colder, the traffic on Amos Bennett seems to increase.  This creates a significant Safety Concern for our students. Please help us decrease this hazard by using the prescribed carpool procedures and not Amos Bennett Rd. to park, pick up, or drop off students before or after school.  It is a significant safety hazard to our students and neighbors. If you must park to pick up or drop off your child for any reason, please do so in the school’s designated parking areas. Thank you. – Tony Zamiar


Upcoming dates:


No school on Monday, January 20th in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Farm to Table on Wednesday, January 22nd. You are welcome to sit with your child as they eat in the barn from 10:00 – 10:30.