Newsletter – Week of 1/27/20

Newsletter – Week of 1/20/20

Happy Friday!

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sight words this week: Come, Eat, Girl

Next week sight words: Has, His, Jump, Look


In Math another new work station was introduced, called Foxes and Dens. This work station has students practicing adding on to a number other than one. The students also enjoyed celebrating the 100th day of school with their book buddies and practicing counting to 100. Thank you for sending in 100 items with your child! 


Teacher request:  Recently students have begun bringing in toys, notes, or other small items from home to show, trade, or give to their peers.Mrs. Byrd and I spoke with the kids this week, asking them to keep such items at home. They are a distraction to learning and also make students who aren’t a part of the exchange feel left out. We appreciate your support at home to reinforce keeping items at home. 


Highlights from PCCS Cares Week

It was a busy and fun week celebrating School Choice Week. The students learned about our new school motto “PCCS CARES,” spending one day on each letter to really focus in on the words and what they mean.



On Monday, the children worked together with a partner from Mrs. Parker’s class to create a puzzle piece showing their similarities/differences.  These are displayed outside on the wall between our two classrooms for all to view. We also had an assembly on Monday where we listened to a guest speaker teach us ways to be kind to others.  Peter Dankelson, a former Libertyville High School student, came to talk to the students about living with a craniofacial disorder. He used humor and music to explain his differences, encourage inclusion, and inspire students to embrace what makes them different. You can learn more about Peter HERE — he has a very inspirational story!  


Tuesday we read the book It’s Okay to Be Different, by Todd Parr and continued to talk about being accepting of individual differences.  The students also enjoyed sharing their Family Tradition sheets.


Yesterday the students did an activity called Walking the Room. Each student stopped by every other student’s seat and wrote empowering messages to their classmates on a piece of paper. Everyone  was so happy and excited to read empowering messages from their peers!

We also had a visit from Suzanne Slade, an author who came to talk to the students about the writing process.  She had a great message of determination and persistence. One of her books was even read in space! (click HERE to listen)

The children were very empowered to become better readers and writers after listening to her speak. 


Today we talked about the idea of sustainability and taking care of the earth for future generations.  The students brainstormed ways to conserve our natural resources, understanding that they are limited. 


Upcoming Events:


February 5th: Early Release Day

February 7th: Pizza Lunch Day

February 14th: Valentines Day!  The students will be making a decorative bag at school and passing out Valentines to their classmates on Valentines Day. Please have your child make a Valentine for each student in the class by writing only their own name in the ‘from’ section of the card. Please do not have your child fill out the ‘to’ section or write individual student names on their cards. We have 12 girls and 12 boys in the class.

Some Valentines cards have a small item or treat attached, which is fine for your child to bring in.

There will also be a classroom party on Valentines Day. Please contact Mrs. Ricchio if you are interested in volunteering.

February 17th: No School, Presidents Day