Newsletter – Week of 1/20/20

Newsletter – Week of 1/20/20

I hope everyone had a nice week, even though it was a quick one!

Check out the news from Room 11.


Sight words assessed this week: Boy, Day, For, Got, Her, How

New sight words this week: Come, Eat, Girl


Literacy activities have been encouraging the students to use word families(for example, -at, rat, cat, hat, etc) when reading and writing. The students have also been practicing reading and writing using punctuation.

We also continue to work on vowels changes in words, for example, bid, bad, bud, bed, bod. Please continue to read at home a few minutes each night with your child.


In Math another new work station was introduced, called Unscramble Numbers. This station reinforces the concept of ordering numbers 1 through 10 on a number line. The students also practiced terms such as greater than, less than, and one more and one less, through a game called Can You Read My Mind? 


In writing, the students continue to work on their true stories. They are learning about adding details such as who is in their story, and what, where, and when their story happened. They are also practicing giving their story a beginning, middle, and end.


Thank you all for your donations to the Kids Heart Challenge. Mr. Flinn is the contact person should you have any questions. You can contact him at Below is the link to sign up for the Heart Challenge online:  


Wednesday, January 29,  will be the 100th day of school!  Please send your child to school on Wednesday with 100 of a small item(legos, buttons, Cheerios, etc) in a clear, preferably reusable,container. Your child should be the one to choose and count the items, with your assistance, if needed.


Valentines Day is coming!  The students will be making a Valentines bag at school and passing out Valentines to their classmates on Valentines Day, February 14th. Please have your child make a Valentine for each student in the class by writing only their own name in the ‘from’ section of the card. Please do not have your child fill out the ‘to’ section or write individual student names on their cards. We have 12 girls and 12 boys in the class.

Some Valentines cards have a small item or treat attached, which is fine for your child to bring in.


There will also be a classroom party on Valentines Day. Please contact Mrs. Ricchio if you are interested in volunteering.


Finally, here is a note from Katy Barnett:

Dear Parents,

The 1st/2nd grade band is going to be selling Bean Soup in a Jar as part of our Economic Unit.  We will be using beans that we have harvested from our garden beds. We will be having a pre-sale from Jan 27th – Feb 7th.  Our soup will also be featured at the February Farm to Table. Each jar will cost $8. Thank you for your support!