Moving into Fall

Thank you to the many people who either donated items or volunteered their time for the Tomato Jubilee last Friday! The volunteers in our room – Virgine Bottero, Jena Mertz, Heather Bendorovich, Mrs. Foley, and Lisa Rock – and the volunteers in Mr. Hurwitz’s room – Paula Paras and Marta Boruta – really went the extra mile to help in our classroom “kitchens”. Thank you!! Many thanks also to the Miller, Marr, Mertz, Anderson, Noonan, Wille, Cantlon, Cruthers, Rivero, Paras, Yallapragada, and Anen families for donating food items for our delicious recipes!
Another big thank you to those who came to the 5/6 Curriculum Night last Monday. If you were unable to attend, please refer to this slideshow for more information.
In ELA this week, we will have our first spelling test for Group 1 and Group 2 in both classes on Monday. Groups 3, 4, and 5 will have their first test next Monday. Please ask your child what group they are in. During the week, we will also revise and edit our Hero essays in preparation for writing our final drafts in Google Classroom.
In social studies, we will continue our review of the Thirteen Colonies before beginning our Constitution unit. Any student who would like to re-take the Migration Vocabulary quiz should fill out an Assessment Re-take form (including a parent signature) and choose a time to re-take the test.
Our 5th grade students have received many Hawk’s Tickets this month, and we are proud of their commitment to Being Responsible, Respectful, and Safe. These tickets are given by teachers and staff to any student who is meeting 5th grade expectations and modelling for others. Accumulated tickets have been (and should continue to be) redeemed for classroom rewards such as eating lunch with a friend from another class, wearing a hat for a day, or receiving a positive note home from the instructional team. With the new PCCS CARES initiative, we will also be looking for students who Collaborate, are Aware, show Respect, feel Empowered, and practice Sustainability. More information about Hawk’s Tickets and PCCS CARES to follow, but we are excited to see positive attitudes and action in our classrooms and our school.

Don’t forget to use the  5th grade homework spreadsheet  if you have questions about class assignments! 

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, September 24th- Board Meeting agenda
Tuesday, September 24th – PCCS Soccer @Grasslake
Tuesday, September 24th – XC @ Gavin South
Wednesday, September 24th – Farm To Table
Thursday, September 26th – Home Soccer
Thursday, September 26th – XC @ Gavin South
September, 30th – October 4th Fall Textile Drive
Save the Date:
Sunday, October 6th PCCS Fall Fest @PCCS
Sunday, October 13th PSO Golf Outing @Bittersweeet Golf Course