May 1, 2016 Update

Dear Third Grade Families,

It was so great to see everyone at Family Math Night!  We hope that you have the time to use some of the games at home. Next year we hope that we will have occasional  math homework that incorporates games, so look for that in the fall!

Each student who missed a PARCC will have a chance to make it up during the upcoming make-up sessions.  At this point I do not know when the sessions will be offered.  If I know ahead of time, I will let you know.

Housekeeping:  More Kleenex needed…

Academics This Week

ELA:  We are continuing our look at poetry; both forms and devices.  Students are writing their own poems in their Writing Journals using Love That Dog as inspiration.  Poetic devices that we are practicing this week are:  repetition, rhyme, imagery, onomatopoeia, and alliteration. We are going to take a break from Grammar during Writers’ Workshop to write a story using Lilly’s Plastic Purple Purse as a mentor text.  Students will be creating stories based around a character with a problem and its solution.  

Math:  This week will be our last week on fractions.  I think that we know basic fractions inside and out, upside down and right side up.  There will be homework on Monday night and students will use their math journals to help them practice for the test on Thursday.  Reviewing completed Eureka Math work will help also.  Students have only six weeks left to master their multiplication facts, so practice, practice, practice!

Social Studies:  This week marks the official beginning of our Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery unit.  The curriculum that we use incorporates a simulation activity that lasts several days.  Students are assigned to small groups (corps) and race their pirogues (big canoes) along the Missouri River and the Columbia River to the west coast.  Students rotate roles and responsibilities to complete daily “corps tasks” based on history, science, and geography.  We wrap up the unit with an immersion day with several corps challenges “in the wild”.   You can support your child by reading up on Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery and engaging in discussion.

Specials:  There is a Spanish test on Wednesday, Senora has the vocabulary on her classroom webpage.  All other specials will meet as usual.

Green Challenge:  This month’s Green Challenge is to sort and save school supplies for next fall.  

Dates to Remember:

5/3 Green Challenge Assembly, 8:15
5/4 Early Release
5/9 NWEA:  ELA
5/12   NWEA:  Math 

Enjoy the better weather!

Cynthia McGovern