March 15, 2015 Update

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend.  We attended the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Lake Villa.  We ran into the Caruth family (Chet and Laura) with their three children.  It makes me feel so good to see members of the PCCS family out and about.

Spring break is right around the corner and you may be traveling out of town.  But, like me, some families may be staying right here in Lake County.  If you are planning a “staycation” and want to enjoy some fun that connects to our curriculum, then you should check out the Growing Up in Lake County exhibit at the Lake County Discovery Museum.  You might also try their Spring Break activity sessions.


ELA:  This week we are going to wrap up The Van Gogh Cafe’ inferring and predicting lessons (CCSS RL.4.1) and then we will begin a whole group novel, Little House on the Prairie.  Students will use school books and will be encouraged to notate on post-its notes.  Lessons will include vocabulary, inferring and predicting, theme, character development, compare and contrast point of view, and written response.  This unit will take between three and four weeks and may require students to work at home.  Please support your child at home by discussing the story with him or her, sharing the reading, or checking out an audio book if necessary.  I will post the core and content words on Monday the 16th, I left the list at school.  In writing we are going to revise, edit and finish our mysteries.

Math:  This week in math we will continue to work on decimals:  adding tenths and placing decimals on a number line.  On Thursday we will complete a study guide and on Friday we are going to test on Unit 6.  If you are leaving early for break, let me know and I will send home an incomplete study guide for you to complete with your child and then he or she can take the test on Thursday.

SS/Science:  We completed our Rocks, Sand, and Soil unit last week by studying the effects of water erosion in our stream trays.  This week we will begin Chapter 6 in Illinois Our Home, “Journey to Statehood”.  Students will take a bit of a step back in time and review the American Revolution in order to understand the “landscape” of the United States prior to the time Illinois became a state.  We will also learn about the connections of George Rogers Clark and the Northwest Territory to Illinois’ state history.

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PARCC:  This week’s PARCC tests are Math 2 on Monday and ELA 3 on Tuesday.

Dates to Remember:

3/18     Farm to Table

3/20    First Day of Spring

3/23    First day of Spring Break

3/30    Back to School