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Adding/Subtracting Fractions, National Parks Research and Literature Circles 6.0

5th grade Math: Students have started getting back in the routine of things by reviewing addition and subtraction of fractions this week. On Monday they will take their quiz on these concepts and then we will continue moving through our unit.

5/6 Social Studies: This week, students were introduced to the National Parks research project. You can read all about the specifics here; students’ homework for Monday is to talk through the project with you at home about what their role is, if they are working with a partner, their plan of action of the project and any support they may require at home.

6th grade ELA: Today some students were given their literature circle books for our next ELA unit, the remaining students will be given their books tomorrow. Half the class will be reading Old Yeller and the other half will be reading Where the Red Fern Grows. Students reading Old Yeller will be meeting with peers on Mondays and  students reading Where the Red Fern Grows will be meeting on Tuesdays, to discuss their reading homework through the use of a variety of jobs. These jobs were explained, practiced and reviewed with students prior to winter break. It is very important that students come to class prepared with their job so they can adequately contribute to group discussions. In addition to weekly student-held meetings, groups will also be meeting with a teacher once a week to have discussion and reflection on their reading. Mr Hurwitz, Mr. Freeman and I are each holding meetings with two groups for the course of this unit. Here is the job information that students will be coming home with today, in case you would like to review it as well. The only thing is you need your child to be logged into their email in order to access it, not sure why.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.