January 25, 2015 Update

Dear Fourth Grade Parents,

The news is good from our home front…Kendall did not need surgery after all, and she went back to school on Saturday. She will have some adjusting to do, but she has some great friends for support.

Congratulations to Ashna (winner) and Fahim (runner-up) for the Classroom Spelling Bee.  They will compete in the school-wide bee on Wednesday at 8:30.

Housekeeping:  We still need tissues for the runny noses.

ELA:  Reading:  Next week we are going to work on CCSS Reading Literature #1, 2, 9.   Students will use two Native American legends to make inferences, determine central ideas and themes, and compare two similar texts.   Students will continue to read classic novels in guided reading groups.  Spelling:  Core words:  minute, wall, meet, record, copy, forest, especially, necessary, he’s, unit.  Content words:  igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, mantle, crust.  In Writers’ Workshop, we are going to focus on formatting typed documents using our in-school google docs.  Skills include:  return, enter, spacing, font, size, center, italics, bold, underline.

Math:  We finished Unit 8 last week, with one exception.  Due to the length of the unit, we decided to save long division algorithm for another time.  In order to be prepared for the math section of the PARCC assessment, we are going to have our fraction unit next.  This week, Unit 6 will introduce visual representations of fourths and eighths, thirds and sixths.  Equivalent fractions will be addressed through identifying names for halves and combinations that equal one whole.  The math packet will provide more practice with fractions and introduce some basic decimal place value.  Be sure that your child completes the math packet and turns it in by Friday morning.

SS/Sci:  This week we begin our exploration into Soils, Rocks, and Landforms.   Our class will begin with rocks:  identification and observation of rocks, mineral hardness and other properties of minerals.  Then we move to soils and weathering:  composition of soil and physical weathering.  Each day students will work in small groups to perform experiments to meet the lesson objectives.  They will be keeping track of results in their science notebooks, which will be graded.

Dates to Remember:

1/27:  School Board Meeting

1/28:  School of Choice Assembly at 8:15, Spelling Bee:  8:30, Farm to Table.

2/3:  Green Challenge Assembly

2/4:  Early Release

2/6:  Trivia Night