January 24, 2016 Update

Dear Third Grade Families,

I want to let you all know that your children have worked incredibly hard this week to learn the traditional multiplication strategies.  We are not done yet, we still have to practice to attain mastery.  Thank you for all your work at home.  We all make a great team!

Growth Mindset Update:  We are planning to hold an informational meeting for parents in April.  We are very excited to talk to parents about this important strategy.  More information will be sent to parents in March.

Last week we took advantage of the warmer and sunnier weather midweek and took to tracking.  Students enjoyed scouting the fields and trails in search of animal prints in the fresh snow. 

Tracking in the hedgerow.

Tracking in the hedgerow.

Getting warmer!

Getting warmer!

The find!

The find!

Academics this week:

ELA:  In Readers’ Workshop we will begin our second genre study: Biographies and Autobiographies.  For our genre Art connection, students will study works by Vermeer, VanGogh, and Wyeth, to name a few.  During guided reading students will continue to work on Common Core literature packets.  Spelling words are:  Core:  light, country, father, let, night, picture, being, study, second, soon.  Content words:  tolerance, climate, landform, natural resource.  In Writers’ Workshop we will continue to work on capital cursive letters and complete an expository essay on a personal item that has importance.  They will cite three reasons and support them with details.  

Math:  The kids are doing GREAT in Rocket Math…the practice at home is paying off.  This week we will introduce the concept of division and discuss the connection between multiplication and division.  We will not delve into traditional division strategies for long equations.  We’ll save that for fourth grade!  I anticipate a unit test the first week of February.  We will review the day before the test.

Social Studies:  We wrapped up our introduction to the Thirteen Colonies, bridging the time gap from Plymouth Plantation to Massachusetts Bay Colony.  Our next installment in this unit is the Homestead Project, a two week long study of the changes that colonists made to their natural environment.  Students will do this through studying a specific colony, drawing maps, and writing a short essay.  Students will be given ample time to complete this in class; however if students fall behind they are welcome to take the project home or stay in at recess until they are caught up.

Specials:  There will be a Spanish test on February 1.  Students will be bringing home their purple Spanish notebook to practice.  All other specials will meet as usual.

Dates to Remember:

1/27:  School Choice Assembly and Spelling Bee (8:15)
2/2: Green Challenge Assembly (8:15)
2/3: Early Release
2/5: Trivia Night!

Have a great week and be glad we don’t live on the East Coast!

Mrs. McG