It’s Beginning to Feel Like Fall

With cooler temperatures during the day, we can certainly feel fall in the air. The change in seasons definitely brings a sense of excitement to our room. It has been great to see our class eager to work together as a community and face the challenges ahead!

In ELA, we have been reading the novel, Esperanza Rising. Your child should read up to p. 120 by Tuesday. This novel is full of vivid characters who struggle with a variety of problems and conflict throughout the book. We have been having some whole class discussions and everyone has a problem and solution chart in their ELA notebook. On this chart, we record problems and resolutions for each chapter. We have also been working on comprehension questions in small groups. Last week we wrote a paragraph response to a dilemma faced by the main character, Esperanza. This should also be completed by Tuesday if your student hasn’t completed it yet. We will continue to write response paragraphs which will eventually lead up to our first five paragraph essay.

We have been working on personal narratives in ELA and writing of our own choosing in Writer’s Workshop. The students put so much thought into their writing, and it is great to hear their voices come through in the pieces they create. Each Writer’s Workshop session (Monday, Thursday, and Friday), we allow 10 minutes at the end of class for students to share what they’ve written and ask for feedback from the class. This is completely optional, but I hope all of the class will consider taking advantage of this opportunity at some point during the year.

In science we have been talking about conservation and sustainability of natural resources through simulations and whole class activities. On Friday, we divided the class into four generations and let each generation take a turn – with the 1st generation first – to harvest what they needed of a non-renewable natural resource. This resource was represented by 100 individual Starburst candies scattered throughout the field next to the basketball court. Everyone in the 4th generation was relieved to see there were still some natural resources left by the time they had a turn to harvest. Balancing personal interests with the care of future generations has sparked some good discussion with the class. Ask your child to share their thinking with you.

If your student is in my math class, we just took a comprehensive unit test on multiplication. These tests will be coming home to be signed. If your child didn’t do as well as (s)he expected, a retake will be offered on Friday to anyone who completes a re-take form. These forms are available in the 5/6 hallway.

I hope you all enjoy this long week-end, and we look forward to seeing everyone on Tueday!