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Hoping for Sunshine

Although we’ve had a soggy start to our week today, we are hoping for sunshine both inside and outside of the classroom when we return to school tomorrow. We will begin our week with presentations of the research projects the students have done for Esperanza Rising. Covering topics from Mexican traditions and the Great Depression to immigration and crochet, the students will be sharing a lot of important information that is directly tied to the book. Ask your child which topic they will be presenting. This week we will be reading chapters 13 and 14, and we’ll begin a cumulative response to the novel with our first five paragraph essay the following week.
Through in class simulations, informative reading, and group discussions, we have learned a lot about conservation and sustainability in science. We will wrap up the unit by the end of this week, and your student should expect a test next Monday. This will be the final test grade in science for the first trimester, which ends on Friday, November 3rd. Report cards will be sent home on November 10th.
This week is Anti-Bully week and we have some important activities planned for both classes. Please try to set aside some time this week to talk with your child about any issues they may struggle with. Grades 5-8 can be difficult for many as students are searching to find their place within their peer group. If your child brings up any concerns you feel should be shared with us, please reach out anytime.