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Happy Presidents’ Day

Whether you’ve been relaxing at home or heading out and about, I hope this long weekend has given you and your families a chance to enjoy doing what you enjoy most. When school resumes on Wednesday, we’ll begin to wrap up the 2nd trimester while reflecting back on the exciting progress we’ve made so far this year as well as setting goals for the next trimester.
Due to the shortened week, we will not have a new spelling sort or a spelling test. Plus, our LIterature Circles – which typically meet on Tuesdays – will not be meeting this week. Students should continue reading their assigned book and complete their assigned “job” for Tuesday, February 25th when our meetings resume. We will have a “mini” Reading Log for Wednesday and Thursday of this week. I hope your student has seen their stamina increase as they practice this skill while reading silently! We will also look at some presidential history this week and decide who was the better president – George or Abe?
Your students did an amazing job with the presentations of their National Park, and both classes learned a lot about the unique features of the parks across our country. We will continue to study the parks as we discuss some issues they have faced in recent years. I assigned a series of articles from a website called Newsela. All students should be able to log onto this website by using the link provided in Google Classroom and selecting the “Sign in with Google” option. After reading the articles, there is an assignment in Google Classroom – National Parks and Controversial Issues – for which they should answer the question, “Why should we protect National Parks?” This was assigned last Monday and should be completed by Wednesday when we return to school.
One of our 5/6 Enrichment groups each rotation focuses on a PCCS magazine and Podcast. We recently completed our second rotation and the group did a outstanding job with this project. Here’s the link to the latest production.
And finally, Farm to Table will be held on February 20th. Please be sure your child has a plate, bowl, and utensils if they are signed up for Farm to Table. Thanks!
Upcoming Events:
02/18/2020 – Teacher Inservice -NO SCHOOL
02/18/2020 – Governance Meeting 6:30pm
02/19/2020 – Girls 7th/8th Grade Basketball Game @Away
02/20/2020 – Farm to Table
02/20/2020 – Girls 7th/8th Grade Basketball Game @Home
02/24/2020 – Board Meeting
02/26/2020 – Early Release 1:00pm
02/28/2020 – End 2nd Trimester