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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our amazing moms! We hope you are all enjoying your special day.

We are looking forward to another great week ahead. Monday will be our last day of testing as all 5th graders take the NWEA math test. This test will be given from 9:00-11:00. Adjusted remote schedules for Monday are attached below. Remote students should log onto their homeroom Zoom and must have their videos on during the duration of the test. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this requirement. Thanks also for those that drove our remote students to and from school during the IAR and ISA sessions. We appreciate your willingness to help us administer these tests safely and efficiently.

Our entire team felt completely spoiled during Teacher Appreciation Week! The many cards, beautiful flowers, and thoughtful gestures and gifts really made our week. We are beyond grateful for all the support we’ve felt throughout this uniquely challenging year. We truly couldn’t have done it without all of you.

ELA News: We are moving into our second week of our May Book Clubs. All students were given either a book or a Reader’s Theatre script to begin reading. A schedule of reading and written assignments has been posted in Google Classroom for students to follow. This schedule will help us all stay on track as we move quickly through this May reading unit. Spelling tests will be given on Wednesday and new words will be assigned for the following week.

Social Studies News: All students have been assigned a National Park to research using books supplied by the school. We are currently working on taking notes on four different topics related to our parks. All notes should be done on notecards for students to earn credit for this part of the assignment. On the 13th we will organize our notes to create an outline and then begin writing. The final project will be a travel brochure using our research. This brochure will be due on May 27th.

Psimaras Math News: Students are continuing their investigation of area, volume, and surface area this week. The May Pretest Packet reinforces understanding of geometry: categorizing figures, graphing on coordinate grids, perimeter, area, and volume. The second part of the packet, next week’s focus, provides a review on dividing fractions (whole numbers and fractions), dividing whole numbers, and powers of 10. The April Packet, May Pretest Packet, and the Sugar Cookies Problems are due on Friday in class or in supply folders. Students, check your problems for accuracy and completion. Ask questions during class or Guided Learning Groups. Keep working hard!

Shin Math News: Students will not meet with Mr. Shin for math on Monday. Mr. Shin’s classes will start back on their normal schedule this Tuesday.

Science News: Three Quizlets: Moon Phases Part 1, Moon Phase Part 2, and Eclipses have been provided in the science Google Classrooms for students to study for Thursday’s Moon Phase and Eclipse Quiz. On Tuesday, students will need their Solar System Packet (with provided meter-sized string), colored pencils, a ruler, and a glue stick/tape for class to construct a scaled representation of the solar system in their science notebook. Wednesday through Friday this week, students will investigate the characteristics of a planet and compare it to Earth. Students will display their information in a brochure attached to their Solar System Packet.

EE News: In person students had an opportunity to work in the gardens. They weeded and planted onions. We are definitely seeing the signs of Spring all around us!

Please see below for the calendar of the ABC Countdown. The fun continues tomorrow with Hat Day!

Important Dates:

05/14/2021 Materials Pick-up

05/18/2020 Picture Day

05/21/2021 Early Release 1:00 pm

05/25/2021 BBQ’D Productions Restaurant Night

05/27/2021 Natural Leader Assembly

05/31/2021 Memorial Day- No School

Neil/Zimmerman: Testing Schedule for Monday, May 10

Psimaras/King: Testing Schedule for Monday, May 10

ABC Countdown