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Fundations Week of 9/25

Hey all!

This week in Fundations we are working on the letters O and G. The students are working on mastering writing lowercase o’s and g’s, starting on the plane line of their paper (the dotted middle line) and circling on the grass line (the bottom line) or drawing a curved tail down to the worm line (the lowest line below the bottom). To help practice at home, have your child draw these letters in the air with “ruler straight” arms and two fingers pointed out. This will help utilize their gross motor skills, which builds a stronger connection in their brains! You can also do a book hunt to find words that start with o and g.

Previously, the students have worked on the following letters (which you can incorporate in your home practice!): t, b, f, a, m, n, i, c, and r.

Here is more information regarding Fundations.