Updated: Friday Wrap-up, Specials Schedule & Looking at Next Week

Here are some updates about the week ahead:

  • We had our first day of math today. Your students are either in homeroom or with their science teacher, Ms. Stefans. We will be jumping in head-first next week, with the Grade 5 Investigations curriculum.
  • Homework this weekend is to create an artifact bag. Students are coming home with a handout on the specifics, included some example items at the bottom. They were instructed to use their colored plastic bag from our collages, but feel free to use a paper bag/alternative if you like.
  • Next week I will be introducing Literature Circles. We will have 5-6 novels being read, in small groups. Students picked preferences yesterday and I am hoping to start passing out books Wednesday. More specifics to come.
  • Our routine Word Study Cafe will start up next week as well. Be on the look out for a spelling list, coming home Tuesday.
  • Be sure to explore the website, and utilize the “Class Calendar” tab to look out for special events coming our way. For example, we have our first book buddies session next Monday.
  • Here is a summary of specials for our class:
    • Monday- Spanish
    • Tuesday- PE Double Day
    • Wednesday- PE, Spanish
    • Thursday- PE, Spanish, Music
    • Friday- Spanish, Art
  • Chromebooks are coming home today. Please have students bring it back fully charged for school, Monday. Also, please do not throw away/recycle the white box it comes it; we will collect this at the end of the year for storing the Chromebooks.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. As always, please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you!