Friday Feature (10/16)

With Monday off this week, the past four days have been very busy. Tuesday was our Green Challenge Assembly on “Trash-Free Lunches”. Next week we will be tracking our trash count during snack and lunch, celebrating days when we are completely trash-free as a class, and saving packaging that would typically be trash (create a collage). We will also be working on some persuasive writing, trying to convince companies to use less packaging on our favorite snack items.

On Wednesday, our students enjoyed another Farm to Table lunch. Brought to us by our incredibly hard-working parent volunteers and our guest chef from Karma Asian in Mundelein, the lunch was delicious! Also on Wednesday, we had the pleasure of welcoming two Arava interns to our classroom. Originally from Israel and Jordan, the interns are in the U.S. to study environmental education. Our class asked some thought provoking questions comparing and contrasting culture in the U.S. and the Middle East. We were very impressed with the mature hospitality the students extended to our visitors.

Lastly, Primitive Day today will introduce the class to Early Humankind as they progress through five different stations – spear throwing, archery, cave painting, satchel sewing, and fire starting. A big thank you to Mrs. Luoma for her help with the archery practice! This initiates our “Bones and Stones” unit in social studies.