Friday Feature (5/6)

Thank you all for spoiling us during teacher appreciation week!! The beautiful flowers, delicious fruit, heartfelt letters, decadent breakfast, sweet treats, and generous SCRIP certificates touched us more than you know. It is truly a pleasure to work with your children every day and we are honored to partner with you and witness their learning and growth. 
Everyone has been working hard on their god and goddess research in social studies, and we are eager to hear their presentations next week. We are also studying vocabulary from our Literature Circles in preparation for two upcoming assessments. These words, chosen by the students from the books they are reading, are challenging and thought provoking.
This afternoon we witnessed a prairie burn near the soccer field. Due to the high temperatures today, it was not safe for the students to participate, however, they did have a chance to ask questions of the team who conducted the burn. Watch for pictures on Ms. Turner’s webpage soon of this amazing experience.
One more plea for camping forms!! If you have not turned in the necessary forms for the camping trip, please do so as soon as possible. If you have questions or need help, let us know. Thank you!