Friday Feature

As part of a school-wide effort, we participated in several Anti-bully Week activities this week. For one, all of the students in our class wrote compliments to six classmates chosen randomly. We were so impressed with some of the heartfelt sentiments the kids shared with each other. We are really striving to create a classroom community where everyone feels important and valued, and we plan to continue SACK (Small Acts of Caring and Kindness) throughout the year.


The class has been working hard on their artifact bags for a character from their Literature Circle book. Some of the artifacts we’ve already seen have shown some impressive creative thinking! With this activity, the students are showing what they learned about characterization as well as making a connection with our Social Studies archaeological project.


At the start of the year, we talked about how to pick a “just right” book, but lately some students have been having a hard time finding an appropriate choice for independent reading. If you wish to work on this at home, we suggest visiting your local library and helping your child choose books that sound appealing and are an appropriate reading level. Along those lines, keep an eye out for the Scholastic Book Fair during conferences. We always welcome suggestions to our classroom library. Thank you for helping us grow a classroom of readers!


Enjoy the long week-end!