Friday Feature 9/18

Dear Parents,
Spirit week brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to our classroom. We all enjoyed guessing everyone’s favorite book character on Tuesday, and we saw some great braids, ponytails, and hair colors on Wednesday. Spending the day outside on Thursday gave us an opportunity to bury “artifacts” for our DIG Social Studies unit. Working in teams, the class first made many interesting items from the Unicornian culture they collaboratively created. Now that the artifacts are buried, Ms. Stefan’s class will begin an excavation and try to piece together the identity and values of our culture. We, in turn, will excavate the artifacts Ms. Stefan’s class has buried and begin a study of their culture.
We have also been working hard on a new activity in ELA, the Word Study Cafe. With the cafe, students have a choice of activities to select for three separate blocks of time. The activities range from listening to a novel read aloud, reading independently, practicing writing (which will alternate between free-write and prompts), and practicing their weekly spelling lists. The students have enjoyed the variety of activities and the opportunity to choose what interests them each day.
Next Monday and Tuesday we will be working on our scarecrow. Students voted, and the scarecrow will be designed in the image of Maleficent! Please check the volunteer calendar to volunteer your time or donate materials. Thank you!