Friday Feature (12/11)

Thankfully, the December weather has not been too “frightful” and spirits are high in our classroom! In ELA, we have completed our research notes and are finishing our rough drafts for our dinosaur research paper. In social studies we have begun our Ancient Civilizations unit, beginning with Mesopotamia. And in Word Study, we are learning new vocabulary from our read aloud book, Wonder.

On Thursday, a character in Wonder described her childhood experience of WWII and losing her mother during the Holocaust. Many students had a strong reaction to the events described in the book and several questions were raised which we discussed as a class. We are not planning to extend our discussion of the Holocaust at school, however, your child may want to share his/ her feelings with you at home. If you ever have a chance to visit, there is an excellent Holocaust museum in Skokie.
Thank you to all of the parents who are hard at work planning our holiday party next week. From volunteering your time or resources to events at the school to supporting your child’s progress at home, the dedication¬†all of you show toward PCCS is nothing short of amazing.