Friday Feature (1/15)

The bitter temperatures this week kept us inside for recess on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The class was happy to be outside on Thursday, however, and many snowmen are now in the works with this great packing snow. Please remember to send your child to school with snowpants, boots, hats, and gloves to ensure they are safe and warm during our 30 minute recess period. Also, a pair of shoes or slippers to wear once inside the classroom keeps everyone’s feet warm and dry.¬†
This morning we held our class spelling bee. We will now send our class representative, Ashna Chandran, and our alternate, Omar Mahmood, to the school wide spelling bee. We are very proud of the entire class for the conscientious effort they put into our class bee and we congratulate Ashna and Omar!
Yesterday the students began a test on our ancient civilizations unit in social studies. This test will be completed on Tuesday and then we will move on to Egypt. We also continue to work on figurative language in ELA as we prepare to create our own poetry based on the artistry of Charley Harper. Everyone in the class has selected either an animal or a plant as the subject of their poem. Ask you child what s(he) selected!

Enjoy the three day week-end!