Friday Feature (11/13)

The wind outside has been blowing some excitement into our classroom this week, especially since first trimester report cards go home this afternoon! We hope you and your child will have an opportunity to review the first trimester grades together. Conferences will take place on November 23 and 24, and you may sign up for a conference beginning today at 4:00.
On Wednesday, we celebrated Veteran’s Day with a patriotic and informative assembly on the significance of this important holiday. All of the students were reminded to thank a veteran, as well as active duty servicemen and women, for all they have sacrificed for our country. Our deepest appreciation for the military families within our classroom!
In social studies, we collected natural materials to construct tools that could have been used by early man. In the coming days, we will put those tools to the test and see how well we may have survived during this era. In ELA, we have been exploring digital citizenship by checking the accuracy and validity of the information found on the Internet. Be sure to ask your child what we discovered about the Pacific Northwest tree octopus!