Friday Feature (10/30)

Our week will certainly end on a high note as we take our first field trip to the Storytelling Festival today and enjoy a Halloween celebration afterward. Many thanks to the parents who have been working hard behind the scenes – Jo Walsh, Jen Miller, Shirin Pope, Fei Lui, Leena Plamoottil, Laura Luoma, Peggy Goldman, Lori Maier, Farah Mahmood, Julie Kotzamanis, Saritha Gogineni, and Karen Leicht – to make the 5th/6th grade party spook-tacular!

In Spanish, the class enjoyed an opportunity to make salsa with Senora McGeever. Her special ingredient – pineapple – really gave the salsa a great flavor! A thank you goes out to the Maier, Gogineni, Kotzamanis, Cuarto, and Pope families for donating the ingredients. Another thank you to Jo Walsh, Christine Crow, Shirin Pope, and Jill Tatevosian for helping our chefs in the classroom.
We are wrapping up our group presentations in social studies this week. Each group was responsible for becoming “field experts” and presenting information on evolution and early humankind. Ask your child to share some of their expertise with you at home! We are also wrapping up Anti-Bully Month with a final draft of our anti-bully paragraph reflection, which is due on Monday. Our writing and class discussions have certainly given us a lot to think about when it comes to treating others with respect and kindness.
Now in our third week, we continue to recognize students on the SACK (Small Acts of Caring and Kindness) committee. Each week students can nominate up to four fellow classmates they feel may be on the committee for the week. By the end of the week, it’s nice to see that 15 – 20 students have been recognized (sometimes by more than one person) for displaying acts of caring and kindness. While only four people are “officially” on the committee each week, many more students are setting inspiring examples. Thank you for raising children who truly care about others!
As our trimester comes to an end next week, please take a moment to go over PowerSchool with your child and address any missing assignments before next Thursday. There is a direct link to PowerSchool on our webpage for your convenience. We very much appreciate your support as we work together to promote life-long learning habits.