Friday Feature (10/23)

The wind outside this week is blowing some great activities around our classroom. In honor of our green challenge this month, we have been trying our best to bring in trash free lunches. There are several students in our class who have been successful all week bringing in lunches and snacks packaged in reusable containers or recyclable packaging. We’re hoping to keep the momentum going and turn this into a year long event! The green challenge has also inspired some critical thinking as the students began to brainstorm ways they can reach out to companies who use excess packaging for their food and beverage products.
In ELA, we have been looking at facts vs. opinions, drafting and editing paragraphs, and learning how to paraphrase text. We will continue to work on a variety of writing skills in the coming weeks as we prepare to begin our first research paper. In social studies, the students have been working in cooperative groups to learn more about early humankind. Each group will soon present a “seminar” to the class on the topic they have studied. This classroom learning, coupled with the experiences from “Primitive Day” last Friday, have certainly highlighted how different our present day lifestyle is from that of early man! Check last week’s post of “Primitive Day” for some photos of the activities.
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