Food Drive, Additional ER Day (11/4), End of Tri 1

  • All PCCS classes will be working together this week to collect canned/non-perishable items, in support of Free the Children’s “Scare the Hunger” campaign. You may send in donations anytime this week. You are also welcome to bring donations if you are going to be at school this Friday for the grade-band party.
  • Both November 4 and November 5 will be early dismissal days, with school ending at 1 pm. This is due to some exciting news; we will be getting updated furniture for all of the classrooms! I believe those coordinating the event are looking for volunteers to help with the moving process; if anyone is interested and available, please let me know.
  • The end of the trimester is quickly approaching (Nov 6). If you could find 5-10 minutes to login to Powerschool with your student, this coming week is an ideal time to double-check for missing assignments and test-retakes. I have a “Missing Work” poster near my desk for the purpose of students checking their work, however I would love to have you partner with me to make sure students fully understand the impact of their choices over the first trimester.