February 28, 2016 Update

Dear Third Grade Families,

Greetings!  Please visit the PSO Facebook page to see lots of great pictures from the Colonial Immersion Day.  I was not able to snap any pictures, too much going on!  Here is one of the whole group though:

Colonial Immersion Day 2016

Colonial Immersion Day 2016

Last week we finished out most of our work on the Colonial America unit.  We were able to finish Five Smooth Stones and read about the Declaration of Independence.  In Math we completed the unit on measurement using Eureka Math.

Academics this week:

ELA:  In Readers’ Workshop, students will use paired informational texts in small groups to develop comprehension skills.  Students have two texts that are paired based on a common element, although the topic of the passages may differ.  For example, one of the text pairs is linked due to the element of employment; however the topics of the articles differs.  One is on working in the energy field, while the other is working in law enforcement.  Students will complete both texts and all the associated responses by the end of the week.  Spelling words are:  Core:  himself, usually, money, seen, didn’t, car, morning, I’m, body.  Content words:  fraction, numerator, denominator, equal, equivalent. In Writer’s Workshop we are going to finish up pronouns in grammar and then begin a compare and contrast writing piece that compares Hope from Five Smooth Stones to Sarah Morton, from Sarah Morton, A Pilgrim Girl.  The students should be able to draw some distinctive similarities and differences between the two characters.

Math:  As you can tell from the content words above, we are beginning a fraction unit on Monday.  We will begin with concrete examples that uses sharing paper brownies as a visual aid.  There are so many ways to look at fractions in the real world!  Please take every opportunity to share any with your child.  Keep working on multiplication facts, we have some students ready to make the cross over to division already!

Social Studies:  I had hoped to be ready to begin our next unit in Science this week, but we still need to discuss the end of the American Revolution.  Therefore, this week we will discuss the Battle of Monmouth and the Battle of Yorktown.  We will also view matching Liberty’s Kids episodes.  This series is available on Youtube and many of the kids watch at home.  Be sure that they understand that the “reporters” were added to convey the story, and were not really there.

Green Challenge and Green Feature:  This week we will include a lesson on the Green Feature of our building. Continuing our Green Challenge lesson on saving electricity by choosing light bulbs wisely, we will look a the energy saving features of our lighting system in our building.  Be sure to talk to your child about this at conferences.

Conferences:  The spring conferences are student led.  Be sure to sign up through the email link that was sent to you on Friday, February 26.  If you didn’t receive the email or are unable to sign up on-line, let me know and I will help you figure it out.  If, after the student led conference you find is necessary to have a private conference, please let me know. 

Dates to Remember:

2/29: Green Challenge Assembly, 8:15 am
3/1: School Lottery
3/2: Early Release
3/4: Report Card Day!!
3/10:  Student Led Conferences, 2:00 – 7:00 pm
3/21 – 3/25  Spring Break

Have a great week!