End of Day 7!

The trip has come to a conclusion! Tomorrow we are leaving bright and early for the long drive back home.  Students will be calling home approximately an hour before we arrive back at PCCS. We do not yet have an approximate time as we have to take traffic into consideration, however, we will be announcing our departure from our current location in the morning.

Joey is here to talk about our last day of touring for the 8th grade trip!

Today we got a couple extra hours of sleep in the morning before breakfast.  After that, we went driving into Gettysburg battlefield.  We got dropped off in different locations for our battlefield hikes.  I was in Law’s battle hike.  We had to work together to find the monuments described in the report and followed the map all the way to Little Round Top.  We only had to use a compass once! I enjoyed the hike because it was kind of confusing but it was fun to get lost and figure out where we were.

After we finished the hikes, we went to eat and do souvenir shopping in Gettysburg.  It was fun to go shopping with our friends in different stores and seeing the historic town.  In the stores I saw a really cool sword, a trumpet, and a bunch of really cool shirts.

After we finished lunch and had some down time, we eventually went to the Gettysburg National Cemetery where we received our letters from our families.  This meant a lot to us and it was a very emotional moment.

The last part of the trip was our last ever solo spot on Little Round Top.  I found a little cave that I hid in from the wind and got to watch the sunset over Gettysburg.  It was really nice to have that shared experience and enjoy the quiet.

This was a great trip.  I really got to connect with some classmates that I didn’t really know much before.  I have to say my favorite part of the trip was the cave exploration and I am very happy to have gone on this trip.