End of Day 5!

Good evening parents!

I hope all is well in Illinois as we have seen there may be some unusual weather coming your way this weekend.

As a reminder, students WILL BE calling home tomorrow, Saturday, April 27.

Today was a very busy day for students—we really piled on the step-count today as we toured our nation’s capital! We had a fantastic day of monument hopping, super fast meals, souvenir shopping, and even being able to show our gratitude for some amazing veterans (watch for more info on this as we can post it!).

By this point, you should have an unscheduled opportunity to talk to your student tonight.  We had a slight change in plans for tonight as weather was not permitting us to visit Arlington Cemetery.  I hope the unexpected phone call was a bonus!

I will be posting a student blog for today’s events tomorrow with Day 6, so look forward to hearing about monument hopping and our events from tomorrow’s location!