End of Day 4

Good evening parents! After yesterday’s long day, students had a generally shorter day and by this point you should have spoken with them on the phone.  If you have not heard from your student, please email Mrs. Wright or I as soon as possible so we can connect you with your wonderful student!

Also, due to tomorrow’s touring schedule and potential inclement weather, we are currently planning that students WILL NOT be calling home tomorrow night, Friday, April 26th.  

Today was a slightly less touring intensive day, and Chloe A will be telling us about it!

Bright and early in the morning, we all got ready to go.  The hotel had a breakfast buffet and we all had a great breakfast! After we ate, we checked out and went to the bus for a long bus ride to our current location.  After the bus ride, we split up into two separate groups and got onto boat tours in the Chesapeake Bay.  One group had the opportunity to boat and canoe in parts of the bay.  My boat went towards the middle of the bay.

We learned about the importance of oysters to the bay’s ecosystem, the importance of the bay as a large watershed, and the quality of the bay’s water.  The boat guides dredged up some oysters from the bay floor, pulling up a variety of muscles, barnacles, and oysters! We learned how to shuck an oyster and about their anatomy.  Then, the guides netted up some other critters like a blue crab and striped bass! I got to hold a crab and it was so cool!

Afterwards, we got dinner and headed back to our hotel.  We have a relatively early night and look forward to getting some sleep!

Students are looking forward to an awesome day tomorrow!