End of Day 3!

Good evening parents! We are reporting from our most recent location for day 3, safe and sound.  It was a warm, sunny spring day and one of our busiest yet! Due to our late arrival, as a reminder, students are not calling home tonight, Wednesday, April 24. We are leaving bright and early tomorrow for our amazing tour tomorrow.  Students WILL BE calling home tomorrow night, Thursday, April 25th, once we arrive to our next destination.

Chaz C will be sharing his experiences for the day to give you some insight to what we have been up towards the end of the day:  We had to get on the bus pretty early and drove into Williamsburg.  When we arrived at Colonial Williamsburg.  While there, we had a contest.  The activity for the contest was to interview four separate proprietors in four separate shops or jobs.  If we completed this task thoroughly, we had a special prize of colonial ice cream.  While my group did not when, we finished the task and got to enjoy touring.  Horse-drawn carriages freely the streets of colonial Williamsburg and definitely kept us alert for being careful where we stepped.

After Williamsburg, we traveled to Jamestown.  We first learned about some of the environmental challenges that early colonial settlers faced.  Then we were able to visit the actual location of the Jamestown fort.  An archaeologist was in the process of doing a dig while we there and told us about some of the items she was finding! After we explored, we went the museum where we learned about many of the artifacts found around colonial Jamestown.  We even met a person who was acting as a colonial doctor who told use about medical practices from the era, including amputation.  YUCK!

Once we finished at Jamestown, we got a quick dinner before heading back to Williamsburg to witness a reenactment trial.  The trial depicted an “alternate history” where the British won the Revolutionary War and the Americans lost.  A rebel was put on trial for treason against the crown.  It was tense! The actors were excellent and I had to keep telling myself that I was watching a play.  We felt like we were watching a movie! The rebel was found guilty, and were felt bad about convicting a rebel but realized that in a real court experience, this might be how it goes.

Day three ended with a bang! Literally– the rebel is a more precise interpretation of that.  (Ask us when we get home about what happened!)