End of day 2!


Students are wrapping up their second day on their 8th Grade Trip.  It has been an exciting 48 hours of buses, gardens, and caves! We will be at our next location tomorrow evening— 4/24.  Due to a late arrival tomorrow night at the hotel, students WILL NOT be calling home the night of 4/24.

We are having students blogging daily about their experiences and we are posting them here.

First, Macy detailed her experience on our nearly 14-hour drive to Virginia:

For our day one of the 8th grade culminating trip, we left bright (actually not bright yet) and early at 4 am.  The bus ride was not crazy interesting because all we did was sit on the bus all day.  We stopped in Jackson, Ohio to eat lunch and take a break from being in the bus for so long.  We then got back and sat on the bus again for a few more hours.  We then stopped for dinner in East Lexington, Virginia.  We sat on the bus for one more hour until we arrived at our hotel.  At the hotel, we unpacked and went to sleep looking forward to our first, long day on Tuesday.


Then, Annie reports on Day 2:

Today was our second day out of our 8 day culminating trip.  It was such a nice day today.  We had a high of 83 and super sunny.  We started today by heading to Monitcello, Thomas Jefferson’s Mansion.  It was super cool and we learned a lot of new things, such as Jefferson was super into botany and had 12 grandchildren.  Then we saw his garden and cellar.  Then for lunch we went to Michie Tavern.  It was so good! We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and lots of other awesome choices.  The service was really great and everyone was so nice.  Then we went on a hour bus ride to Grand Cavern.  It was super cool (literally)! For the wild cave tour we had to climb up a slteep hill to the entrance.  We went down a lot of slippery, muddy stairs to get to the cave floor.  We went through tunnels by crawling and other times we climbed up formations.  It was so cool and beautiful.  I can’t wait till tomorrow for a new adventure.


Look for new posts after we leave each location!