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eLearning Week 1: Students’ FAQ

Hi all,

Thank you for your hard work and thoughtful questions this week. I want to be sure we are all on the same page and so I’ve created this brief FAQ email:

Q: When is the dystopian writing due?

A: There is not a set due date yet; I expect a first draft to be done by this Thursday, and we will discuss from there when final drafts will be due.

Q: Do I need to finish everything on Quill?

A: No; Quill is another CAFE Choice for word work. It is intended to be something that there is always an option to work on. If you completely finish an assigned set, let me know and I will get you new material.

Q: Do we have any homework this weekend?

A: There is no formal homework for ELA/SS at this time. That said, if you haven’t turned in your mummification notes & completed the Mummification exit slip, please do so that I may give you credit on Powerschool. Next week, we will be contacting people directly if it is not done.

Q: Is the mummification exit slip going in the gradebook?

A: The number score is not what I am focused on, for the exit slip. I want it to be used as a learning experience, so as long as you attempt the slip and answer as best you can, you will receive full credit.

Q: Will there ever be a time we can just catch up/chat/“hang out”?

A: YES! Turner homeroom will be having our first Class Meeting next week – you will be getting a Google Calendar invite soon. We expect all Turner homeroom students to be there. Hershiser homeroom, your Class Meeting will be scheduled following.

Q: Do we still need to make masks for the Wax Museum?

A: At this time, I am weighing different options for Wax Museum. The event was intended to be held in mid-April, but we will not be in school.  We will definitely do some form of presentation. I will make an announcement to all students and families once a final decision has been made regarding what that looks like.

Q: If I do not see a specific “assignment” for something, where do I attach it/turn it in on Classroom?

A: Please attach/turn in items to the day’s Lesson. If you do not see where that is, try clicking “classwork” on Classroom instead of looking via the “stream”.