December 6, 2015 Update

Dear Third Grade Families and Students,

By now everyone has heard that we lost a classroom pet last week.  At this point in time I am not planning to replace Robert (named for the famous explorer, Robert Peary).

One of the recent concepts that we are looking at as educators is that students’ effort and perseverance help children meet the demands of our challenging world.  Children who strengthen their resiliency, perseverance, and resolve to overcome obstacles, disappointments, set backs, and “good failures” experience less stress when faced with challenges.  There are many things as educators and parents that we can do to help our children gain these traits. I have already implemented changes in the classroom and over the next few weeks I will be sharing parenting ideas with you.

The holiday is fast approaching and with it the end of another unit.  We are going to be working rigorously to finish on time!


ELA:  Readers’Workshop:  We are going to continue to work on the seven comprehension strategies using novels. Students may be taking home work from time to time in order to complete the reading and assignments on time. Spelling words for next week:  Core words are below, saw, something, thought, both, few, those, always, show, large. Content words are from the electricity unit:  energy, terminal, diagram, parallel, series.  Writing:  Students are going to write an argumentative piece on giving grades; whether assigning grades is harmful or beneficial to student learning.  We are also began google docs last week.  Students had a very brief introduction and we will be adding to our knowledge bank over the next few weeks.

Math:  In math we will continue Unit 5 on multiplication adding the concepts of relationships between multiples, understanding multiplication related problems, skip counting by “counting around the class”, and understanding the relationship between multiplication and area.  This will take us into using arrays as another way to “see” multiplication.  The kids are rocking Rocket Math!  They are working hard to do their personal best, so keep their motivation up.

Science:  In science we are going to begin our electricity experiments.  We are learning about simple circuits, electrical symbols, series and parallel batteries, series and parallel bulbs, and switches.  Students will have informational texts available to them to support their learning.

Specials:  In Music the students have been hard at work on their song for the Holiday Sing.  We hope that you will be able to join us on the 17th!

Dates to Remember;

12/9     Town Hall meeting has been CANCELLED

12/12    Volunteer Work Day, 9-11,  Call the school for more information

12/15    Board Meeting, 7 pm

12/16    Early Release

12/17    Holiday Sing, 9-10 am

12/18    Holiday Party:  Grinch Theme, 2 pm (ish)

Enjoy your Sunday!

Mrs. McGovern