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Curriculum Pick-up/Drop-off

Hello families,

This second week of remote learning has flown by and students continue to impress!

As you may already know per Mr. Z’s message this past week, tomorrow is another curriculum pick-up/drop-off day. All Carson families can come to school between 3-4 pm tomorrow (if you are unable to make it, there is another pick-up time scheduled for Monday morning from 7:30 until 8:00). Making sure your Carpool number is visible will help the process move smoothly.
When picking up materials tomorrow, please also RETURN:
  • the nature bag provided to your student from our first pick-up day 
  • the ziplock bag students were given for science 
  • math A OR math B: review packet

All items being returned can be stored inside the nature bag. We will need the bag to prepare materials for next time. 

Thank you for your assistance in getting students what they need for success. During Monday morning’s class meetings, we will review all new materials with students to get them organized. For reference, future curriculum drop-off/pick-up day information can be found in this document. As always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.