Classroom Library Project?!

We are hoping to renovate our classroom library! Since Room 21 is new to all of us, we felt it would be fun, allowing students to help shape the library while molding it into an effective resource within our classroom. With the changes we hope to make, students will not only be encouraged to find “good fit” books; they will feel empowered to do so independently because it will be a seamless process.

The improvements we are hoping to make are:

  • labeling books according to genre
  • sorting books according to reading level
  • relocating books that are not suitable for fifth grade
  • relocating books that have not been popular among the students

This is a large undertaking, and we are hoping to recruit some parent volunteers to help us get started. Currently we have identified time when the alcove would be more available (M-F from 8-8:55, M-W from 10:45-11:30, Thurs from 12:45-2). “On the job” training will be provided!

Thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with us in the classroom! Please contact Ms. Turner and Mrs. Neil if you are interested.