Charley Harper Prep and Rubric (Updated to include “final copy” rubric)

In ELA, students will be creating their poems in the style of Charley Harper next week.  Students have learned about figurative language and literary devices. Now comes the opportunity to exemplify what they know in the form of a poem about an animal or plant that is native to the Prairie Crossing area.

Here is an example of the planning sheet students will be completing in preparation.

This is the final copy rubric.

Students will also be creating a visual to accompany their piece, in art class with Mr. Thomas. The majority of the poem and art work will be completed in class, but the resources above can be valuable tools to discuss your student’s progress at home and determine if there is any need  for support. 

The tentative date for our 5/6 art walk of this work is February 11, from 2-3 pm and from 5-6 pm.  I will confirm details as the date approaches.