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Blowing into October

The wind this weekend is ready to send us into October with lots of energy and excitement. We certainly feel that way at PCCS and we hope that you share these feelings as you continue to learn from home! We have seen so much growth and learning among our students, and we can’t wait to get our week started!
In ELA, we’ve been working hard on both our explanatory essays and our personal narratives. This week we will focus on the body paragraphs and the concluding paragraph of our explanatory essays and then pull all five paragraphs together as we use our notes and our planning documents to write our first draft. Friday of this week will be dedicated to our personal narratives as we add details to the writing we’ve already started in our “Writer’s Notebooks #Friday.” We will also begin working with the online program, Spelling City, as students are introduced to the features this program uses to further their progress in spelling and vocabulary.
We will begin our week in social studies with more economics as we open the markets again. This time the students will decide which companies (from the other homeroom) will see gains and which will see losses. Then stock trading will begin. The Time for Kids financial magazine that was sent home in our materials bag does a nice job of explaining the effects the pandemic has had on our economy today which allows us to connect the classroom with the real world. We will also continue our study of the Thirteen Colonies and focus on the economic and cultural characteristics of each region. Each student will have an opportunity to either direct or act in a short Reader’s Theatre for one of the three colonies.
As Mrs. Psimaras and Miss King mentioned, we are very appreciative of the support from home during our NWEA testing. Any student that needs to finish their test will be given that time this Tuesday at 9:00. If additional time is needed, we will continue to make arrangements. Please consider completing the attached survey to send us your opinion on the NWEA remote testing.
If you missed the school announcement sent in Friday’s email, please note that PCCS students must be logged into a Chrome web browser using their PCCS student email account – if they are not using a PCCS issued Chromebook. This allows teachers the ability to help students stay focused in their Zoom classes. Students should also access their Zoom meetings while logged into their PCCS email accounts via Chrome. Please do not use an outside email account as the school security policies are compromised. Please contact us with questions about this policy. 
Important Dates:
  • Tuesday, September 29, 2020 PCCS Board Meeting
  • Wednesday, October 7, 2020 Materials Pick-Up
  • Thursday, October 8, 2020  Early Release
  • Friday, October 9, 2020  No School-Teacher In-service day
  • Monday, October 12, 2020 No School-Columbus Day